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Academia in Motion Festival

Thursday 2 November 2023
Langegracht 70
2312NV Leiden

Activating Open Science and Recognition & Rewards at Leiden University

Colleagues from across Leiden University are coming together on 2 November for the first Academia in Motion Festival!

Together we'll discuss how Leiden University can become a more open workplace that recognizes and rewards all contributions, and an institution that creates and shares knowledge more freely with society.

The Festival is fully booked!

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Registration & Community Market
Plenary Opening Session
Break & Community Market
Interactive Workshops (Round #1)
Lunch & Community Market
Interactive Workshops (Round #2)
Comfort Break
Plenary Closing Session
Networking Social

Interactive Workshops (Round #1, start time 11.30)

Academia in Motion implies innovation and culture change. This takes guts, gusto, a willingness to experiment, and a tolerance for failure. Let's work together to identify how we can build a fearless and inclusive culture at Leiden University.

Workshop leaders - Mark Peters and Suzanne Brinkman

Location - Reflection

This interactive theater performance looks at how science communication can become a full-fledged part of academic work. Together with the actors, we'll work on concrete suggestions for taking action.

Workshop Leader - Frank Kupper

Location - Spotlight

Early Career Academics must be involved in the R&R debate, especially when it comes to implementation, since they will be impacted for the rest of their careers. In this interactive debate, we tackle the dilemmas faced by this group.

Workshop leaders - Max van Haastrecht and Lente Lerink

Location - Whiteboard

Which leadership skills contribute to a healthy, psychologically safe, non-toxic academic culture? How should we recognize and reward these skills, and how do we get buy-in from current leaders?

Workshop leaders - Sandra Groeneveld and Petra Boerlage

Location - The Launch

Interactive Workshops (Round #2, start time 14.00)

Universities are increasingly working on addressing large societal challenges. Addressing these challenges is complex. It requires team science, collaboration across disciplines, the involvement of stakeholders, and the use of innovative and open methods to analyze and share data and outcomes with citizens. Naturally, this also means that different roles have emerged and that the tasks of scientific staff (WP) and support staff (OBP) can no longer be seen as distinct from one another.

What does this changing role of the university in society mean for how we work together as a team? Does it, for example, mean that we should start working together as University Personnel (UP), rather than referring to WP and OBP as two separate categories?

Workshop leaders - Jeroen Bosman and Sicco de Knecht

Location - Concept Corner

A recent article by the Dean of the Faculty of Law at Maastricht University advocated for calling everyone who has obtained a PhD a professor. Shortly thereafter, De Jonge Akademie called for the “Everyone Professor" year. Is this primarily a thought experiment to stimulate discussion, or is it a feasible and desirable proposal?

Workshop leaderNoel de Miranda and Stefan de Jong

Location - Spotlight

The Open Science Community Leiden (OSCL) is a bottom-up learning community which helps gather the needs, wishes and barriers of researchers, students and other employees in Leiden. A recent survey by OSCL and Academia in Motion aimed at finding out what the current engagement is with Open Science at Leiden University, what the incentives to practice Open Science are, and what needs to change so that staff are recognised and rewarded for adopting Open Science practices in their work. Preliminary results of this quick survey will be presented, and participants will be asked to give input to how the community, Academia in Motion, and initiatives like the new Open Science Lab (CWTS) can play a role in fulfilling those needs.

Workshop leadersBob Siegerink, Anna van 't Veer and Thed van Leeuwen

Location - Reflection

We all agree that teaching is essential to our university. Yet, lecturers don't always feel appreciated for the work that they do. In this workshop, we'll discuss how teaching is currently being evaluated, recognised and incentivised in our university. In a round-table discussion, we'll debate how to change this for the better.

Workshop Leader - Marcel van Daalen and Monique Oomes

Location - Whiteboard

What is Leiden University’s societal purpose? Did fundamental research become a dirty word? Will engaging lay people affect the quality of my work? What are inspiring examples of being societally responsible at our university?

Workshop leader - Laurens Hessels

Location - The Launch

About the Festival

At the Festival there will be lively discussions, interactive workshops and opportunities to meet experts who are already working to advance the themes of Open Science, Recognition & Rewards and Leadership across our community. 

This is also an opportunity to shape our Academia in Motion programme. Share your perspectives and experiences. Offer suggestions for ways to better value the work that we do, work more openly, and stimulate a broad range of talents. We're listening.

This event has been inspired by similar events taking place at a national level, especially the Open Science Festival and the Recognition & Rewards Festival.

Who’s organising this event?

The Festival is part of the Academia in Motion (AiM) programme. This university-wide initiative represents the transition to an open university community:

  • Where quality is valued over quantity.
  • Where we recognize and reward all contributions to academia.
  • Which is characterized by collaboration, integrity, inclusiveness, and leadership.

To fully realize this vision, we need your ideas and support. This is a cultural transition and we’re building it together so please join us at the AiM Festival in November! Questions? Drop us a line: academiainmotion@bb.leidenuniv.nl.

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