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Covering the War in Israel / Palestine: Journalist Perspectives

Wednesday 13 December 2023
Cleveringaplaats 1
2311 BD Leiden

Audiences around the world are tuning in en masse to established news channels, semi-professional online news outlets, and citizen journalism on social media in pursuit of up-to-date coverage of the quickly unfolding events in Palestine/Israel. The recent escalation of conflict opened, once again, the floodgates of mis- and dis-information, propagated by parties to the conflict, their supporters, or third parties seeking to cash in on the chaos. In conversation with our panelists, we will discuss the challenges of covering the war for audiences in the region and in Europe, their assessment of how the war has been covered so far, their lives in journalism, and the general health of our public sphere.


  • Rajaa Natour (Palestinian journalist working as a foreign correspondent for Israel’s Haaretz newspaper in the Netherlands)

  • Leonie van Nierop (Dutch journalist working as a foreign desk editor and former Middle East correspondent for the NRC).


  • Dr. Alex Gekker, Assistant Professor of Digital Research Methods, Media Studies, University of Amsterdam

  • Dr. Noa Schonmann, Assistant Professor of International Relations in the Middle East, Leiden University


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