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Talking Palestine: The Politics of Narrating the Conflict

Tuesday 28 November 2023
Turfmarkt 99
2511 DP The Hague

Gaza. Palestine. Israel. War. Conflict. Context. Justice. Peace. Freedom. International Law. Solidarity. Protests. These are among the most common terms we are currently hearing and reading worldwide. The words, images, and narratives, as much as the silences and omissions, that surround any conflict are presented, interpreted and used differently by speakers, audiences, and even experts with different backgrounds and agendas.  

The United Nations secretary general, António Guterres, in addressing the Security Council last month unequivocally condemned the killings of Palestinian and Israeli civilians, called for an immediate ceasefire, and added that 'the attacks by Hamas did not happen in a vacuum.' He contextualized the current violence in decades of Israeli occupation and denial of Palestinian human rights by stating that 'No party to an armed conflict is above international humanitarian law.' He also warned that the Gaza Strip is becoming 'a graveyard for children' as he reiterated the critical need to allow aid into the embattled territory. While many observers think these statements don't go far enough, others treat them as a provocation. 

Drawing on their roles as scholars and activists in contested politics, the panelists reflect on the ongoing crisis, the international responses, and the overall politics and ethics of narrating conflict. The moderator during this event is Crystal Ennis.

Please note that this roundtable is open only to Leiden University staff and students.

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