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Work Stress Week 2023

Monday 13 November 2023 - Friday 17 November 2023
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If you can relax properly, you will be less likely to take sick leave, will concentrate better at work and will reduce the risk of long-term absence. However, a high workload can make it difficult to relax and avoid becoming stressed. Leiden University would like to help you with this! The 2023 Work Stress Week runs from 13 to 17 November and you can sign up for a wide range of free workshops, group classes and inspiration sessions, designed to help you experience less work stress.

Programme and registration

All the activities are free of charge. Click on the activity of your choice to access the registration form. You can sign up until 16.00 on the day before each activity. For activities on Monday 13 November, you can sign up until 16.00 on Friday 10 November.

Date and time Activity Location

Mon 13-11


Office workout (NL and EN)
Is spending long hours at your desk affecting your vitality? Then it’s time to give your working day a boost with this office workout! Join a dynamic session designed to pep up your body and raise your productivity to new heights.




Focus & Flow (NL)
When you’re in the flow, you are productive and efficient; time flies! But sometimes it can be difficult to concentrate and avoid distractions. How do you ensure that you’re fully focused on your work? In this workshop you will gain insight into cause and effect, and learn to use tools that get you into the flow.

P.J. Veth 0.07

Tue 14-11



Vinyasa yoga (NL and EN)

Vinyasa yoga helps you to find balance and depth by linking your breathing with yoga postures. You will strengthen your muscles with dynamic postures and also gain a sense of calmness through the conscious breathing. No previous experience with yoga is required.


USC and online

12.00 – 13.30


Preventing burn-out (for managers; NL)

Long-term exposure to a high workload or emotional strain can cause stress or even burn-out. This reduces productivity and creates the risk of long-term absence. This workshop makes you aware of how to recognise signs, ask the right questions and reflect on your own behaviour, so that you can effectively engage in discussion with your staff members.





Tennis clinic (NL and EN)
Tennis is a fun and versatile sport. What do you want to work on? Sprinting fast to get the ball, jumping high, a powerful backhand or the perfect serve? In this clinic you will receive valuable tips and tricks from an experienced coach. Sign up on your own or with colleagues!



Wed 15-11



Work-Life Balance (NL)

Dividing your energy and attention between work and personal life can be very challenging. This workshop makes use of the Wheel of Life to identify your current work-life balance. You will then make a personal plan with practical short-term actions to achieve your long-term goals.




Boxing (NL and EN)

Boxing is a tactical combat sport with an emphasis on ring awareness, hand/eye/foot coordination and overall fitness. The clinic is open to everyone: from beginner to advanced.



Thu 16-11


Breathwork is a form of active meditation, which creates more calmness and space in your mind. Meditation often involves sitting still, in contrast to breathwork, where you engage in active breathing. This is an ideal way to come back to yourself.




Vitality at Work!

Do you spend a lot of time at your computer? Many of the physical complaints caused by a sedentary job or lifestyle can be reduced by posture correction. This invigorating workshop is ideal for preventing RSI and reducing shoulder, neck, back and computer-related complaints.



Fri 17-11


Pilates (NL and EN)

In Pilates you will do low-impact exercises at slow speed. This mainly involves using your core: your abdominal muscles. You will not only become stronger but will also develop a better posture and more stamina.


USC and online


Stress Less

One person may suffer from stress in a certain situation, while another does not; this shows that stress is a very personal experience. In this workshop you will do a short stress test and learn to recognise your own stress pattern and how to handle it. You will become aware of the ‘load’ and learn how to increase your ‘capacity’.


P.J. Veth 1.03


If you have any questions or comments about the programme, please send an email to healthyuniversity@bb.leidenuniv.nl.

Vitality Autumn with lots of Vitamin Resilience

We’re renaming this season Vitality Autumn and offering a boost with lots of Vitamin Resilience. Playing sports and relaxing are excellent ways to work on your own resilience, so we’re organising a wide variety of activities during three special weeks: National Vitality Week from 25 - 29 September, Healthy University Week from 23 - 27 October and the Week of Work Stress from 13 - 17 November.

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