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Psychology End of Year Celebration

Monday 18 December 2023
Pieter de la Court
Wassenaarseweg 52
2333 AK Leiden
FSW central hall
Psychology End of Year Celebration

All staff and nominees are cordially invited!

The Executive Board of the Institute of Psychology invites you to join the Psychology End of Year Celebration on Monday 18 December, 16:00 hours at the FSW central hall.

During this event the psychology prizes will be awarded to collegues within our institute in appreciation for their excellent work.

Nominees Psychology Prizes

Education Prize

  • Anna van ’t Veer | Methodology and Statistics
  • Julie Hall | Health, Medical and Neuropsychology
  • Marc Molendijk | Clinical Psychology
  • Coen Wirtz | Social, Economic and Organisational Psychology
  • Sebo Uithol | Cognitive Psychology
  • Bart Vogelaar & Kiki Zanolie | Developmental and Educational Psychology

Promovendi Publication Prize

Promovendi Wild Card - Societal Impact Prize

  • PhD candidate: Iliana SamaraCognitive Psychology | Societal impact: An educational intervention in collaboration with the Da Vinci College Kagerstraat and the Psychology Lab on Wheels aimed to bridge the gap between academic psychology and practical, real-world applications.
  • PhD candidate : Isra Al-Dhahir | Health, Medical and Neuropsychology | Societal impact: Develop eHealth applications tailored to the needs of individuals with a low socioeconomic position (SEP). The ultimate goal is to reduce health disparities in this population. 
  • PhD candidate: Laura Pape | Clinical Psychology | Societal impact: Development of an online i-Sleep intervention for Caring Universities.  
  • PhD candidate: Jeffrey Durieux | Methodology and Statistics | Societal impact: Development of the open-source CICA software (The latest version of the CICA software in R)
  • PhD candidate: Nina Komrij | Developmental and Educational Psychology | Societal impact: Cool Little Kids project to help young children with Inhibited temperament and their parents.
  • PhD candidate: Hilmar Zech | Social, Economic and Organisational Psychology | Societal impact: Use of an innovative smartphone-based paradigm for measuring dynamic changes in food approach tendencies outside the laboratory, enhancing the practical applicability in real-life situations. To better understand the link between food approach tendencies and health outcomes.

Master Thesis Prize

  • Zino Brystowski | Methodology and Statistics
  • Kim Houwaart | Applied Cognitive Psychology
  • Zlata Dontsova | Occupational Health Psychology
  • Milica Gajic | Clinical Psychology
  • Svetlin Hansov | Clinical Neuropsychology
  • Pien van der Velde | Health and Medical Psychology
  • Naomi Waasdorp | Social and Organisational Psychology
  • Kika Houben | Economic and Consumer Psychology
  • Anna Maria Schillinger | Child and Adolescent Psychology

Research Master Thesis Prize

  • Lukas Kunz | Clinical Neuropsychology
  • Fiona Brosig | Health and Medical Psychology
  • Jasmin Rahemenia | Developmental and Educational Psychology
  • Linda Bomm | Social and Economic Psychology

Support & Management Staff Prize

  • Verena Ly en Thaddeus Bergé | Research policy
  • Sigrid Zuijderduin en Marion Duijsman | Secretariat to the board of examiners
  • Anne Holleman | Communications
  • Juan Claramunt Gonzales | Specialist scientific information

Media prize

The Media prize is a new prize that spotlights special media contributions from the Institute.  


We look forward to ringing out the year together and toasting the winners of the psychology prizes.


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