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Lecture | Teach-In Series on Palestine and Israel

Geographies of Repression and Resistance

Monday 11 December 2023
Leiden University College The Hague
Anna van Buerenplein 301
2595 DG The Hague

Geographies of Repression and Resistance

Urban Apartheid and Militarization of Space in Colonial Contexts

Everyday Digital Repression & Resistance and its Relation to Transnational Solidarity

Walling Difference in Europe and Beyond 

About the Teach-Ins

The Teach-In Circle is an independent initiative to organize a series of discussions where teaching and research staff of Leiden University draw on their areas of academic expertise to invite students and colleagues to learn about different aspects of the violent crisis in Palestine/Israel, its history and background, and its reverberations around the world. Participants in the network came together motivated by the observation that it has become more difficult than ever to safely have open discussion of this issue, at the very moment when it reaches an unprecedented level of televised killing, destruction, and displacement. We are alarmed by this suffering, and by the tendency of leaders of European governments and institutions to downplay or justify it. We reject any attempt to inhibit expressions of solidarity, or to silence or police lucid discussion of what many international legal experts have identified as a genocidal campaign by Israel.

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