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The Israeli Right One State Reality

Tuesday 5 December 2023
Cleveringaplaats 1
2311 BD Leiden

Guest Speaker: Dr Mateo Cohen
Moderator: Dr Noa Schonmann

We invite you to a conversation with Mateo Cohen, a PhD candidate at Leiden University’s Institute of Political Science researching Right Wing politics and democratic decay. Mateo will speak about ideological arguments articulated by members of Israel’s Right-Wing elite and their responses to the latest escalation of Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The discussion group will open with a presentation focusing on the Israeli Right, one of the country’s most dominant ideological movements. We will critically analyze the Israeli Right’s arguments and their vision for Israel and the Middle East across time. We will step into the reality that this ideological movement is charting for Israelis, Palestinians, and their regional neighbors: a one-state solution between the river and the sea, in which human rights are not granted but conditioned, and the core meaning of democracy is challenged. Stepping outside this prospect, we will ask what can we learn from the ideology of the Israeli Right about the conflict in the region and political ideologies in general.


Registration for this event is mandatory and can be done via the button below. Please note that participation in this event is restricted to students and / or employees of Leiden University.

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