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The Use of Artificial Intelligence Technologies for Military Purposes

Thursday 14 December 2023
Evening Lecture Series: Practitioners in War
Turfmarkt 99
2511 DP The Hague

During this lecture, Roy Lindelauf will talk about data science and AI in the defense and security domain. Lindelauf will first discuss examples of DS&AI in this domain based on a few cases. He will then proceed to zoom out and explain a number of aspects that play a role in the use of these types of techniques, such as legal and ethical aspects, but also organisational and geopolitical aspects of DS&AI in the defence and security domain.

Prof. dr. ir. Roy Lindelauf is Professor of Data Science in Military Operations at the NLDA and Professor in Data Science, Safety & Security at the departement of  Cognitive Science and AI  at Tilburg University. He is specialised in the interaction between mathematical modeling and the analysis of defense and security issues. Prof. Lindelauf is a former Apache pilot in the Royal Netherlands Air Force. He holds master's degrees in aircraft engineering and applied mathematics and in 2011 he obtained his PhD in econometrics. 

This lecture is part of the Evening Lecture Series: Practitioners in War organised by the Institute of Security and Global Affairs and the KVBK. 

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