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Rewarding healthy behavior: policy and science perspectives

Wednesday 28 February 2024
Faculty Club
Rapenburg 73
2311GJ Leiden

To prevent health problems and relieve the burden on the healthcare system, it is important to stimulate a healthy lifestyle. One of the most effective interventions is rewarding healthy behavior change. In this symposium 'Rewarding healthy behavior: policy and science perspectives' scientists and policymakers share recent insights into the use of incentives for health.


  • David de Buisonjé will present his PhD research into financial incentives for health behavior change. 
  • Koen van der Swaluw looks at incentives from a policy perspective and discusses issues surrounding solidarity, among other things.
  • Luc Hagenaars combines public administration, complexity and health science research into the upstream commercial determinants of health, and shares his experiences after a year of research in this area at the University of California San Francisco.
  • Elena Agachi presents her PhD research into the health platform SamenGezond of healthcare insurer Menzis. She will, among other things, show how vulnerable groups with a lower socio-economic position can be reached.
  • Finally, Linda Breeman and Veronica Janssen present the development and evaluation of the BENEFIT program, a health programs for people with cardiovascular diseases that also work with different reward principles.
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