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Lecture | European Union Seminar

Building a stronger and more resilient Union - Mapping the cost of non-Europe (2022-2032)

  • Jérôme Saulnier (European Parliament Research Service)
Friday 8 March 2024
EU Seminar
Pieterskerkhof 6
2311 SR Leiden

Challenges such as climate change, social inequalities and military conflicts threaten the everyday lives and future prospects of European citizens. A common European response can be stronger and more ambitious than separate and uncoordinated actions. It can also ensure better value for money spent from the public budget.

The study on “mapping the cost of non-Europe” conducted by the European Parliament Research Service evaluated the benefits of common EU action in 50 policy areas and concluded that the annual gains could reach up to €3 trillion. At the moment where further integration seems both essential and unlikely, with member states showing little appetite for significant institutional and treaty changes, the study attempts to present in a structured way different policy options for making the best out of the integration processes already under way.

In this talk, Mr. Jérôme Saulnier, analyst in the European Parliament Research Service, will present the motivations behind undertaking this report and present in more detail some of the key policy recommendations covered by the study.

About the speaker

Jérôme Saulnier joined the European added value unit of the European Parliamentary Research Service in 2018. His research focuses primarily on policies linked to the single market, the green transformation and the Economic and Monetary Union. He has previously worked as an economist at the economic and financial affairs directorate of the European Commission, has served as advisor to the Minister of Finance of Portugal. He holds a Master’s Degree in economic modelling and a PhD in applied economics realised in co-direction between the University of Grenoble in France and the University of California at Berkeley.

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