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Webinar dual PhD programme for professionals

Tuesday 12 March 2024
Online webinar: 16:00 - 16:45

Dual PhD programme for professionals

Please note: the same webinar will also take place on Thursday, March 14 from 16:00 - 16:45

The Dual PhD Centre facilitates dual PhD research at Leiden University. The dual PhD programme offers professionals the opportunity to devote part of their working time to conducting PhD research.

During the webinar you will receive more information about the intensive guidance, training, coaching and intervision offered during the program.

The programme of the Dual PhD Centre offers several benefits for the candidate, employer and university: professional development, access to current scientific knowledge and collaboration with highly strategic researchers. 

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Follow the online webinar about the PhD programme for professionals on Tuesday, March 12 or Thursday, March 14.

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Duaal PhD Centre

The Dual PhD Center facilitates dual PhD research at Leiden University: The Dual PhD Center's dual PhD program offers professionals the opportunity to spend part of their working time on conducting PhD research. A theme from professional practice is central. During the PhD research, the candidate is intensively guided in order to ultimately obtain an effective and successful PhD.

The Dual PhD Center program is purely tailor-made: we provide optimal guidance for the dual PhD candidate through training, coaching and intervision. Thanks to this approach, our dual PhD students often obtain their PhD within the same time as regular PhD candidates, despite the fact that they have fewer days per week to conduct research.

Dual promotion has major advantages for the candidate, employer and supervisor. For the typical candidate it is an opportunity to develop further in a special way, or even to fulfill a deeply cherished wish. The employer gains access to the latest scientific knowledge in his field and access to an employee who will develop into a specialist. Promoters are faced with highly motivated candidates who often tackle special issues.


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