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Lunchbyte XL

Inclusive Education: Facilitating Challenging Classroom Conversations

Wednesday 20 March 2024
Lecturer events
Turfmarkt 99
2511 DP The Hague
Wijnhaven 2.59 (with lunch) or online (A link will be provided later via email)

Teaching is never far away from the complexities of society and politics of our time. As we strive to create an inclusive and constructive learning environment for our students, we recognize the importance of equipping ourselves with effective strategies for addressing challenging discussions in the classroom.

As an educational institution it is our role to contribute to social and political discussions, whether it be past or present wars, colonialism and the slavery past, or debates on ‘wokeism’ in academia. Nevertheless, engaging students in a constructive dialogue can be a challenge. Due to this, all lecturers within the Faculty of Humanities are invited to the Lunchbyte: Facilitating Challenging Classroom Conversations.

In this lunch session, rather than focusing on management and control, we look for ways to facilitate a constructive dialogue in the classroom.

Based on concrete cases and with the help of pedagogical tools, Aurelie van ‘t Slot will discuss with you the challenges as well as practical approaches for fostering students’ skills in engaging with difference in a constructive fashion. The working language for this Lunchbyte is English.

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