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Histories Connected 2023-2024

Histories Connected seeks to explore social, cultural, and political issues that connect people of Asia, the Middle-East, Africa, the Americas, and Europe throughout different periods of time.

This collaboration between LIAS and the Institute for History brings together scholars at Leiden University and other universities who are interested in writing histories grounded in empirical research and theory, irrespective of historiographical approach, geographical focus, or time period. It provides an informal forum to discuss written work-in-progress and other texts of common interest. In addition to monthly meetings, it also organizes an annual lecture and book launches to introduce innovative, thought-provoking works of historical inquiry to a wider public.


Márcia Gonçalves (Institute for History)

Histories Connected per academic year

Year 2022-2023
Year 2023-2024
Year 2024-2025


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