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Finance guide

The Finance Guide contains all agreements relating to financial operations at the University. Financial Economic Affairs (FEZ) is responsible for the Guide.

Consulting the Finance Guide

Some sections of the Finance Guide are accessible through this site and others via the FEZ Workgroup. The Workgroup is only accessible to staff who have been given access. If you want to find out more about the Workgroup, contact your controller. Below is an overview of the Guide:

Section Location
Financial procedures established for the administration of financial activities by the Financial Shared Service Centre (FSSC). Website
University regulations and guidelines on various aspects of its financial administration. These are based on laws and regulation. Website
Procurement regulations and overview of contracts at the University Procurement Service (UIL). Website
Financial planning and control guides Workgroup FEZ
Description of the FSSC’s administrative processes. FEZ Workgroup
Product catalogue of the FSSC (Dutch only). Website
Product catalogue of Financial Economic Affairs (FEZ) (Dutch only). Website
Audit Charter AIC (Dutch only). Website
Product catalogue of the Audit and Control Service (AIC) (Dutch only). Website

Responsibility for the Finance Guide

The Finance Guide is the responsibility of the FEZ. The director of FEZ maintains the Guide and flags up any necessary changes to guidelines or process descriptions.

Faculty and unit administration guides

The faculties and units document their regulations and process descriptions in their own administration guides. University regulations, the Finance Guide and external laws and regulations form the framework for these guides. The Guidelines on Faculty and Unit Administration Guides provide a suggested layout for this guide and indicates which aspects of the administrative organisation should at least be covered.

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