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Tuition fee

Alongside central government funds, the tuition fee is an important source of University income. The tuition fee also counts as the first stream of income.

Statutory tuition fee and institutional tuition fee

There are two types of tuition fee: the statutory tuition fee and the institutional tuition fee. If a student does not meet the government’s conditions relating to the statutory tuition fee, he or she has to pay the institutional tuition fee.

The statutory tuition fee is determined annually by the government and is the same for all universities. The University itself can decide how much the institutional tuition fee will be.


The institutional tuition fee paid by students is collected centrally by the University. The University passes this tuition fee on to the faculty concerned after deducting a certain amount. This amount is called the contribution. This contribution goes towards general University expenses, such as real estate and services from the Student and Educational Affairs expertise centre. An overview of the contribution per type of degree programme is provided in the Framework Memorandum and the budget.

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