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Expense claims

If you have incurred costs for your work, you may be entitled to reimbursement. Submit your expense claims through SAP Self Service, not forgetting to include a receipt.

Submit expense claims as soon as possible but no more than three months after the end of the calendar year. Ensure that you have an electronic copy of your proof or purchase, for instance an original receipt, before you submit your claim. Your activity holder and budget holder must approve your claim.

Submitting an expense claim

Submit expense claims through Travel and Expenses in Self Service.

Submit a claim

Expense claims if you are not employed by the University

If you work for the University but are not an employee, you can still submit a claim for certain expenses. Do this by filling in an electronic claim form. Attach proof of purchase for everything that you wish to have reimbursed. Remember to scan your receipts beforehand. The activity holder and budget holder of the department for which you work must approve your claim.

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