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Relocation expenses

If you relocate for your work or if the University requires you to move, you may qualify for a relocation allowance or bonus.

Relocation allowance

The relocation allowance is a contribution towards the cost of relocation. This means removal costs and sometimes refurbishment costs.

  • Removal costs

Removal costs are expenses incurred in moving your belongings. If you wish to have these reimbursed you must submit a quote, and this must be approved. You must also submit the original invoice.

  • Refurbishment and other costs

You may be reimbursed for various other expenses, such as refurbishment costs. This is on a case by case basis, but may not exceed € 7,750.

When are you eligible for a relocation allowance?

You are eligible for a relocation allowance if the University requires you to relocate. In some cases, you may be eligible for the allowance even if the University does not require you to relocate.

  • Required relocation

If the nature of your work means that you have to live close to the University, you may be required to relocate. This would be for roles in which you must be at the University almost immediately in the event of an emergency. If the University requires you to relocate, you must move close to your work as soon as possible, and within two years.

  • The University does not require that you relocate

If you meet certain conditions set by the Tax and Customs Administration (Dutch only), you may also be eligible for a relocation allowance, even if you have not been required to relocate. In this case the allowance will not exeed € 7,750. If the University does not require you to relocate, you may request a relocation allowance with the University, but the University is under no obligation to pay it.

Relocation bonus

The University wants to encourage its staff to walk or cycle to work in order to reduce its environmental impact. You may therefore be eligible for a relocation bonus of € 2,500 if you move to within a radius of ten kilometres from your work address and do not receive a relocation allowance. You are eligible if you:

  • have a permanent contract or the prospect of one
  • are moving within ten kilometres of your work and will no longer receive a commuting allowance
  • currently receive the maximum commuting allowance

If you work part time, the relocation bonus is calculated in proportion to the number of days you work per week or your contractual hours.


If you resign from your post or are dismissed for misconduct or negligence within a year of being granted the allowance or bonus, you will have to repay it. If you resign or are dismissed between one and two years of being awarded the allowance or bonus, you will have to repay 50%.

Applying for the allowance or bonus

You must apply for the relocation allowance or bonus within three months of moving.

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