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Other allowances

Alongside allowances for business travel, commuting and relocation, there are also a number of smaller allowances for which you may qualify. Find out more about the meal allowance, emergency response team allowance and computer glasses allowance.

1. Meal allowance

You may be eligible for a meal allowance during business trips and meetings or if you work overtime. If you work more than two hours of overtime and the University does not provide a meal, you are eligible for an overtime meal allowance of up to €23,71. If you pay for a meal during a business meeting, you may submit an expense claim for this. However, you are expected to exercise reasonable judgment. You can submit expense claims for meals through Self Service.

Different rules apply to expense claims for meals during business trips. Find our more on the business travel page.

2. University emergency response team allowance

If you are a member of the University emergency response team, you bear extra responsibility alongside the responsibility in your regular post. To compensate for this you are awarded an annual allowance of € 320. Furthermore, you may be eligible for the following additional allowances:

  • If you wear breathing apparatus, you receive an extra gross allowance of € 135 per year.
  • If you are the team leader of the emergency response team, you receive an extra gross allowance of € 120 per year.
  • If you have been a member of the emergency response team for five years without interruption, you will receive an extra gross allowance of € 220 per year.

3. Computer glasses

If you use a screen for at least two hours per day and have difficulty seeing the screen despite wearing regular glasses or lenses, you may be eligible for an allowance for computer glasses and the cost of an eye examination by an optician. The optician must be a member of the Nederlandse Unie van Optiekbedrijven (Dutch only).

How much are you entitled to?

In principle, you may apply for the allowance once every three years. You receive a maximum of € 375 (including VAT) towards to the cost of computer glasses, a maximum of €75 (including VAT) of which must be for the frame. If an optician carries out an eye examination within three years and concludes you will need to purchase new computer glasses, you may re-apply for the allowance.

University doctor

You will only need to visit the University doctor if your application exceeds the maximum of € 375, in which case you must take the results of your last eye examination with you to your appointment. The University doctor will need to provide a written statement confirming that these specific computer glasses are essential. Enclose the doctor’s statement with your claim.

Claiming the allowance

Fill in the form Computer glasses allowance together with the original invoice. The eye examination, frame and lenses must be specified individually on the invoice. You will be paid the allowance with your salary.

The Institute for History offers reimbursements and subsidies for the following research-related activities/matters:

  • Conference visits
  • Conference or workshop organisation in Leiden
  • Editing costs
  • Business (research) trips
  • Some personnel costs (moving expenses, language courses, business cards)
  • Costs related to the defence of a PhD (employed PhD candidates)

Detailed information about reimbursements and subsidies of the Institute for History, and how you can apply for them, can be found in an overview.

Matching funds

The subsidies granted are rather limited in nature and some restrictions apply. One is expected to apply for matching funds - if possible - from other organisations, such as the Leiden University Fund (LUF). Since the LUF committee - that decides on who will receive grants for academic activities - only meets a few times a year (and not during the summer months), and no subsidies are awarded for past activities, it is imperative that you apply for a LUF grant well in advance.

A prerequisite for the LUF subsidy is that one third of your total costs will be paid for by the Institute for History. So, first of all you have to apply for a subsidy at the Institute for History. When you receive a confirmation from the institute, you can attach the confirmation letter to your LUF application.

Application forms

If you want to apply for a subsidy from the Institute for History (for research-related travel or for conference organisation in Leiden), you can use the following forms. You can send the filled form to the secretariat.

Application form for research-related travel (conference attendance or research)

Application form for conference organisation in Leiden


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