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Traveling abroad in times of corona

Business trips abroad are not permitted until further notice, unless the Executive Board gives prior permission in writing. This applies to all trips, regardless of the colour code. The color code is a classification of the Dutch government that indicates how safe a country or area is. For the time being, extreme caution is being exercised with approving foreign travel.

Request permission

  • Any member of staff who wishes to make a trip abroad should first request permission using this form (.docx).
  • The request will be put to the Faculty Board or director via the supervisor of the staff member.
  • If the Faculty Board or director agrees that the visit is necessary at the time planned, the form will be forwarded to the Executive Board for approval, via the International Incident Team (IIT).

Business trips that were already planned

This same procedure applies for business trips that were already planned (and approved). Trips already planned must be re-submitted to the Executive Board for approval. For these trips, too, their necessity and the need to make them at this particular time will be carefully assessed.

Staff of international institutes

Members of staff of the international institutes (NVIC, NIMAR, NIT, KITLV) must also ask their Faculty Board, director or coordinator for permission for trips from the Netherlands to their place of employment and vice versa. Trips that are approved by the Faculty Board, director or coordinator will be submitted to the Executive Board via the IIT.

Business travel insurance

Business travel insurance covers the costs of medical treatment that is not paid for by the employee’s health insurer. A condition of this insurance is that it must be possible to justify the need for the trip, and the employee concerned must be able to show that he or she has behaved in line with the conditions imposed in the country he or she is visiting: for example, the wearing of a facemask or not being outside in the public environment unless this is permitted.

If a new outbreak of corona occurs in the foreign country, the costs of evacuation from that country will not be covered by the business travel insurance.

Issues to be considered

The issues that a Faculty Board or director will take into consideration when deciding whether or not the business trip is necessary include:

  • The length, nature and risks of the trip
  • The impact on work or research that cannot progress if the trip does not take place
  • The costs that the Faculty will face in the event that repatriation is necessary
  • The possibility that repatriation may not be possible and the traveller will have to remain abroad for longer

Without permission on a business trip

If you do not have a form with permission from the Executive Board for your business trip, your expense claims for the trip will be rejected.

Travel from a foreign country to the Netherlands

All advice issued by the Dutch government for travellers returning to the Netherlands is also compulsory for employees of Leiden University. If the government advises people to remain at home for 14 days following their return to the Netherlands, members of staff to whom this applies are not permitted to be physically at the university during these 14 days. 

Corona file: travel advice and conditions

In the corona file you will find more information about business trips, travel advice and conditions.

View the travel advice in the corona file
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