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Business travel

If you go on a business trip, you are entitled to reimbursement of your travel and subsistence expenses. If you are planning a business trip abroad, please follow the five steps outlined below.

Please note:

Business trips abroad are not permitted until further notice, unless the Executive Board gives prior permission in writing. This applies to all trips, regardless of the colour code. Read more >>

Business trips in the Netherlands

For business trips in the Netherlands, you should in principle use public transport. If this is not possible, you may in consultation with your supervisor use your own car, a taxi, or a rented vehicle. For more information on reimbursement of expenses, see Reimbursement of expenses for business trips in the Netherlands.

Business trips abroad

Plan your business trip abroad by following these five steps:

Step 1: Ask for permission

Before planning a business trip abroad, you need to ask permission from your supervisor. If your work requires you to travel to an area with safety risks, you need prior permission from Leiden University.

Step 2: Book your trip via UniGlobe

The easiest way to organise a business trip abroad is to book your trip via UniGlobe. UniGlobe will send their invoice directly to Leiden University, so you don’t need to worry about it.

If you book your trip via a different travel agent, you can apply for an advance for your expenses via Self Service. You must however submit your expenses claim within six weeks after the end of your business trip.

Step 3: Download the insurance card or the app

For business trips abroad, you do not need take out business trip insurance, since you can make use of Leiden University’s collective insurance. The policy conditions and insurance card can be found on the Work-related travel insurance page.

Step 4: Make an appointment for vaccinations

If you plan to travel to a country with increased health risks, you can make an appointment with the Healthy, Safety and Environment department. They can provide you with advice, vaccinations, and a prescription for malaria medicine.

Step 5: Submit your expenses claim via Self Service

Please claim your expenses for accommodation, meals, minor expenditure and transport via Self Service. Some expenses are subject to fixed reimbursement rates, and you must meet a number of conditions to qualify for them. For more information, see the notice on Reimbursement of expenses for business trips abroad.

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