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Birth leave

If your partner has given birth, you are entitled to paid birth leave. You may take this leave whenever you like, as long as it is within four weeks of the birth.

As a partner of the mother, you are entitled to various forms of leave:

  • If your partner is about to give birth you are entitled to calamity leave. You don’t need to take leave hours. We do ask you to report your absence to your immediate supervisor.
  • After the birth, you are entitled to two days of birth leave. You have to take up these days within four weeks of the birth of your child or the day when your child is brought home from hospital.
  • Following the birth leave days, you are entitled to another three days of post-natal care leave. The University pays these days in full and does not substract them from your parental leave. These three days should be used within four weeks after the birth leave. 

Hours of birth leave

You are entitled to the number of hours you work per week. For instance, if you work five times six hours per week, you are entitled to five times six hours (30 hours) of leave.

Book birth leave in the Self Service system.

Book birth leave

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