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Salary scale and periodic increase

The Leiden University salaries are determined at national level and listed in the Collective Labour Agreement of Dutch Universities (CAO). You are assigned to a salary scale on the basis of your job profile and level. If you perform well, your salary will be increased to the next amount in the salary scale, until it reaches the salary scale maximum. Your employment contract specifies in which month the periodic increase takes place.

You may fail to receive a periodic increase if your performance is unsatisfactory or if you have not been assessed recently in the form of a Performance & Development Interview that should be no older than one year.

Salary scales

Here you will find the salary scales.

View the salary scales (Dutch only)

Are you younger than 22 years old? Check your salary scales (Dutch only).

Salary scale PhD students

PhD students have their own salary scale: P. This scale consists of 4 salary grades: 0 to 3. At the start of your contract, you will be assigned to grade P0. After 12 months, you will automatically move to P1. This initial salary increase is exceptional in that it is not linked to a performance assessment. In the following years, your periodic salary increase will be based on performance. This is scale P per 01-07-2022:

Grade Scale P
P0 2.541
P1 2.960
P2 3.098
P3 3.247

Preliminary salary scales

You will be assigned to a preliminary salary scale if at the start of your new position you are not yet able to fully exercise your duties. The preliminary scale is the scale immediately below your position’s scale. Scale 10 forms an exception to this rule, as it has scale 8 as its preliminary scale. You can be assigned to a preliminary salary scale for a period of a maximum of two years. As soon as it becomes apparent from your assessment that you are able to fully exercise your position, you will be assigned to the right scale for your position. If after eighteen months you are still unable to fully exercise your position, we will invite you for an interview to discuss you career perspectives, within the University or elsewhere.

Salary scale for employees with occupational limitations

Employees with occupational limitations who are employed by the University in the context of the Participation Act (Participatiewet) have their own salary scale. If your labour productivity has increased substantially after one year, your salary will be increased to the next amount in the salary scale.

For employees of 21 years and older, the table below (100-120% Wet Minimumloon) applies:

  monthly salary
21 years and older (100%) 1.756,00
21 years and older (105%) 1.843,80
21 years and older (110%) 1.931,60
21 years and older (115%) 2.019,00
21 years and older (120%) 2.107,20

For employees of 21 years and younger, the minimum youth wage applies (Dutch only).

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