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Annual agreement

Are a member of the academic staff? Or a member of the non-academic staff at a faculty and in salary scale 11 or above? Then you may choose to reach an annual agreement with your manager.

Request an annual agreement

Request an annual agreement via Service Portal, under 'Mijn personeelsmutaties,' 'Rooster(uren) wijzigen'.

Request via Service Portal

The annual agreement is an agreement that you reach with your manager about which results you must achieve, which tasks you must perform and your availability. You are then free to organise your own time. Your vacation hours are not registered and your vacation credit is automatically zero at the end of the calendar year. This also means that you may not sell vacation hours through the options model.

Saving for long-term vacation

You may also choose to make an annual agreement in combination with the long-term savings options. The long-term savings option enables you to save vacation hours by working extra hours, with a maximum of 72 hours annually, for long-term vacation such as a sabbatical.

Below you will find an overview of the number of hours to be worked for a full-time contract (38 hours per week):

Year Number of hours to work
2020 1,668.00 hours
2021 1,652.80 hours

Annual agreement and illness

If you become ill or incapacitated, you will need to reassess your annual agreement and the results you agreed upon achieving with your supervisor. 

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