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Terms of employment

Do you want to see the salary scales? Do you want to know what your basic leave entitlement is? Or do you want to submit an expense claim? Below you find information about terms of employment, salary and allowance.

Collective Labour Agreement (CAO) of Dutch Universities

See the Collective Labour Agreement (CAO) of Dutch Universities and the salary scales.

Terms of Employment Individual Choices Model

Do you want to buy additional leave hours? Or do you want to offset the costs of your sports membership against your gross income? The Terms of Employment Individual Choices Model essentially allows you to partially assemble your own terms and conditions package. Apply here for offsetting expenses:


Your salary is linked to a position profile and level. Here you find information about the salary scales and the annual raise. Here you find more information about the University Job Classification System (Universitair Functieordeningssysteem, UFO)View the salary payment dates here.

Tax deductions

If you work, you are eligible for tax reduction in the form of tax deductions. You can apply for or terminate a payroll tax deduction - read more.

Another tax deduction is the 30% facility. Read more about the 30% facility here, and check if it applies to you.

Bonuses and allowances

The Collective Labour Agreement for Dutch Universities (CAO) includes incidental bonuses for exceptional performance or exceptional working conditions. Allowances for overtime only apply to non-academic staff in salary scale 10 or lower. Read more here.

Change your bank account number

Do you want to receive your salary and allowance on another bank account?

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Working hours

The standard working hours for a full-time appointment are 38 hours per week. Also, the University has national holidays and compulsory closures. View the list.

You may choose to work fewer or more hours by applying the flexible working hours option. Do you want to be free to organise your own time? See if you meet the requirements to request a function-based contract.


The basic leave entitlement for a 38-hour week is 232 hours per year. Read more about basic annual leave in other situations. Also, you find information on:


Find information about expense claims and allowances for:

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