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Healthy and pleasant work

Leiden University does everything in its power to provide a safe, healthy and pleasant work environment. We do our best to create good work conditions and a positive work climate. This means among other things reducing health risks, preventing absenteeism and promoting a positive work atmosphere.

The fight against the coronavirus means we’re all at home on an unprecedented scale. But what can we do to ensure we work at home in a healthy and responsible way? Leiden Healthy University, part of the international healthy universities network, has put together some tips and tools to help you in this crisis period. See Healthy University @Home.

Working with a functional limitation

Leiden University wants to give everybody the opportunity to work in the best circumstances. You might need some tools to help you or you can only work at certain hours? Or do you find it difficult to move in the university buildings and you don’t know what to do in an emergency? Discuss it with your manager. In that way, you create a great and save workplace together.

Health risks

Whether you work at a desk or in a laboratory, every work situation brings its own risks. As your employer, we try to reduce health risks as much as possible. Find out about the most important risks and what prevention measures you can take.


There may be times when you are unable to work due to illness. It is important that you report your illness and recovery in a timely fashion. Read more about how the University guides employees on sick leave.

Mental fitness

Situations may occur at work that lead to reduced mental resilience, which in turn may impact your performance. Read more about potentially dangerous situations and what you can do about them.

The corona crisis has changed our lives. We are working from home and the way that we work has changed. Besides concerns about your own health and that of those around you, working from home can create an additional burden. What can you do to maintain your mental health?

University doctor

The University doctors support you in all matters related to the relationship between work and health. They guide you through your illness, advise you through your recovery and return to work, and help you avoid health risks.

The University doctor will conduct appointments by telephone where possible. If this is not possible, the appointment will be rescheduled or cancelled in consultation with you. Please contact the University doctor to determine what is best for you.

Work disability

If you are partially or fully incapacitated, for example as a result of illness or an accident, this is likely to have serious consequences. Find out what you should do if you unexpectedly become partially or fully incapacitated.

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