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If you are unable to come to work due to sickness, find out below how to report sick and how the University guides its employees on sick leave.

If you have coronavirus or what appear to be the symptoms, call your doctor. If you are unable to work, please follow the regular procedure for calling in sick. You do not have to inform your manager if you have tested positive for coronavirus.

How do I report sick?

On the first day of your illness, you should notify your immediate supervisor. The precise procedure for reporting sick depends on your unit. If you are staying at a different address during your illness, you should also notify your supervisor of this temporary address. You should also make agreements with your supervisor about how you can be reached by telephone. Your supervisor may want to discuss with you how you can best be monitored during this period and how to ensure the continuity or your work.

How do I report that I am better?

On the first day that you are better, you should notify your supervisor.

Reporting sick on holiday

If you become ill during your holiday, you are required to notify your supervisor. Don’t forget to indicate your holiday address and telephone number so that your employer can contact you.

You can claim back vacation hours as a result of sickness, but only if you notified your supervisor of your illness in the manner described above. You should also be able to demonstrate retroactively that you were in fact ill, for example by providing evidence that you were treated by a doctor or admitted to hospital.

Appointment with the University doctor

If you suffer from psychological problems, the advice of the University doctor will always be sought within ten days. In all other cases, the University doctor will call you in for an appointment after five weeks of sick leave. If you remain ill for an extended period of time, you will have follow-up appointments with the doctor every six weeks.

The University doctor monitors your sick leave and checks how you are, when you can resume work, and what you need in order to be able to do so. The University doctor will not divulge any medical information without your explicit permission. He or she will however inform your supervisor of the degree to which you are able to resume your duties and your expected recovery.

If you are invited to an appointment with the University doctor, you are obliged to keep the appointment. If this is not possible, you should inform the Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) department by telephone at 071 527 8015, indicating the reason. A new appointment will be made. 

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