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Pregnant at work

If you are pregnant, as your employer, we will do everything in our power to protect your health and that of your baby. Both during your pregnancy and while you breastfeed.

Notifying us of your pregnancy

You are free to decide when to tell your immediate supervisor about your pregnancy. Legally, you should inform your supervisor no later than three weeks before you wish to go on maternity leave. We would much prefer it if you told us earlier, as this will give us time to make agreements regarding your absence. To apply for your maternity leave at the UWV, we also need you to submit a statement of pregnancy signed by your midwife or gynaecologist to the PSSC Service Point.

Work during pregnancy

If you work while pregnant, you are entitled to additional breaks. These breaks may not add up to more than one-eighth of your total working hours. It goes without saying that we hope your pregnancy is unproblematic. If complications nevertheless arise, please contact your immediate supervisor and possibly the University doctor. Together we can see how we can adjust your duties so that you may continue to work in a healthy and safe way without negative consequences for your pregnancy.

You do not need to take up leave hours for midwife or doctor appointments related to your pregnancy. Simply notify your supervisor of your absence.

Illness during pregnancy

If you become ill due to complaints relating to your pregnancy or the birth, please inform your HR department within three working days. If we do not report your pregnancy-related illness to the UWV in a timely fashion, we will be fined. More information on illness and pregnancy >>

Maternity leave

As a Leiden University employee, you are entitled to maternity leave. You can stop working four to six weeks before your due date. If you are expecting a multiple birth, you may take maternity leave earlier: ten to eight weeks before your due date. Please inform your immediate supervisor of this. The pregnancy leave ends minimum ten weeks after delivery. More information on maternity leave >>

Your partner is pregnant

As a partner of the mother, you are entitled to various forms of leave:

  • If your partner is about to give birth you are entitled to calamity leave. You don’t need to take leave hours. We do ask you to report your absence to your immediate supervisor.
  • After the birth, you are entitled to two days of partner or paternity leave. You have to take up these days within four weeks of the birth of your chid or the day when your child is brought home from hospital.
  • Following the paternity leave days, you are entitled to another three days of post-natal care leave. The University pays these days in full and does not substract them from your parental leave. These three days should be used within four weeks after the paternity leave. 

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