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Health and safety

Leiden University does everything in its power to provide a safe, healthy and pleasant work environment. Unfortunately there may be times when you are unable to work due to illness. Or you may have questions about pregnancy, University doctors or safety risks in a work environment. Below you will find information about health and safety.

The University does its best to create a pleasant work environment. It may nevertheless happen that you are unable to work due to a short-term or long-term illness or disability.


Pregnant? Read more about:

A safe work environment

Whether you work at a desk or in a laboratory, every work situation brings its own risks. Here you will find more information about those risks:

Travel to high-risk areas

If you want to go on a business trip to an area that poses safety risks, you will need the prior authorisation of the University.

For some destinations you may require vaccinations or malaria medication. Make an appointment with the Department of Safety, Health and Environment (VGM), for a personal health advice before your trip and vaccinations.

Here you will find more information about booking a business trip, and claiming expenses for business travel.


A safe and healthy work environment begins with identifying risks. Read more about risk inventory and evaluation (RI&E), and action plans.

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