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HR Departments

There is much you can arrange yourself in SAP Self Service, but if you can’t find what you are looking for or have further questions, contact your HR department.

HR Departments

PSSC Service Point or your HR department?

Please note: has your faculty been transferred to the PSSC? Then please contact the PSSC Service Point with any questions about staff regulations, working conditions and personnel changes. If not, you can contact your HR Department.

Tasks HR administrators

The HR administrators are responsible for the personnel administration. This varies from the processing of appointments, changes in working hours and requests for allowances, to informing the employees of the faculty on these matters.

You can reach HR administration on their general email: PenOadministratie@fgga.leidenuniv.nl

This is also the email that supervisors can use to report illness and recovery.

Tasks HR advisors

The HR advisors support the faculty board and the supervisors of the various departments. They are responsible for the development of the HR policy, developing frameworks and advising supervisors on staff matters. Besides they are responsible for the coordination of vacancies, the process control of the long-term sick and the introduction of university-wide HR-projects within the faculty.

Employees and areas of interest

Sandra Holster, HR administrator
(available Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday)
Phone 070 800 9988, and quick dial 8688, SBS B2.06

Bernadette van der Meer, HR administrator
(available Monday through Thursday)
Phone 070 800 9991 and quick dial 8691, SBS B2.06

Joyce Maes, HR advisor
(available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday)
Phone 070 800 9001, and quick dial 8802, SBS B2.05
Area of interest: Centre for Innovation, Institute Security and Global Affairs and Leiden University College.

Jeannine Wellink, HR advisor
(available Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday)
Phone 070 800 9996, and quick dial 8696, SBS B2.05
Area of Interest: Centre for Professional Learning, Dual Phd Centre, Faculty Board, Institute of Public Administration.

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