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Labour Participation Act

In the context of the Labour Participation Act, Leiden University employs persons with a disability. In this context, in 2016 we created an additional 16 FTEs for ‘labour participation employees’. For the next ten years, we hope to increase this by 6.3 fte per year.

Labour participation employees

‘Labour participation employees’ possess all the required talent and skills, from technical to academic. However, as a result of their disability they can no longer occupy regular positions. They can however be deployed for specific tasks within a given position. 

People with a disadvantage on the labour market

Leiden University is used to working with colleagues with a disability. More than thirty persons with a disadvantage on the labour market have been seconded to the University via De Zijl Bedrijven (DZB), the sheltered workplace of the Leiden Municipality. 

More information

For more information on opportunities for ‘labour participation employees’ within the University, please contact Alex Vernooij.

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