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Leiden University supports persecuted and endangered students and researchers via the Scholars at Risk programme, a network of educational institutions in 35 countries. To this end we work in close collaboration with the UAF Refugee Association, which focuses on study and work opportunities for highly educated refugees.

Scholars at Risk programme

The Scholars at Risk programma allows persecuted and endangered researchers to continue to teach and conduct research in a safe environment. Since 2009, a number of scholars have completed their PhD or been offered the opportunity to write a PhD proposal at Leiden University. 


The collaboration between Leiden University and the UAF has been set out in the form of a covenant listing all agreements pertaining to the support of students and researchers. 

Meeting Point for Refugee Students

The Meeting Point is a meeting place for refugee students, first-generation students and students from Suriname and the Caribbean region of The Netherlands. Here, students who have recently arrived in The Netherlands can obtain help and guidance in finding their way within the university.

More information

For more information on the placement and funding of researchers at risk, please contact Marlon van Leeuwen (HRM). For more information about opportunities for students to study at Leiden University via the UAF programme, please contact the secretariat of the Student and Educational Affairs (SEA) department.

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