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Working in a diverse environment

The more diverse a work environment is the more creative and innovative it will be. This in turn promotes quality of education and research, which is why Leiden University is committed to equal opportunities for each individual, whether these are opportunities for appointment, for promotion, or to optimally combine work and care.

To better embed this priority within our organisation, the Executive Board has formulated a Diversity and Inclusiveness Work Plan. The plan focuses among other things on promoting a gender-conscious appointment policy. 

Diversity Dossier

We have set out our perspective on diversity in an online dossier: the Diversity Dossier. There you can read what we have achieved so far and what our objectives are for the future regarding diversity and inclusiveness. 

Diversity Officer

Leiden University is the first Dutch organisation to appoint a diversity officer: Dr Isabel Hoving. Together with the Diversity Office, Dr Hoving initiates and coordinates all diversity-related activities.

If you have any questions about the diversity policy or if you are curious about the activities of the Diversity Office, please contact the Diversity Office.

Diversity and Inclusiveness Work Plan

The work plan is only available in Dutch.


Sounding Board group Diversity & Inclusiveness Faculty of Humanities

Following recent discussions on diversity and inclusiveness in the Mare and certain institutes, the Faculty Board has decided, on 18 December 2018, to set up a faculty 'sounding board group on diversity and inclusiveness'. The sounding board group will advise the Faculty Board, on request or on its own initiative, on diversity and personnel policies. The members have been appointed by the Faculty Board on 19 March 2019.

In the coming period, the diversity policy must be supported more strongly by the institutes and faculties, and to this end the Sounding Board Group forms an important bridge between the Faculty Board, the institutes, and academic and non-academic staff. The Sounding Board Group consists of a delegation of employees from all institutes except NIMAR - including employees and PhD candidates and representatives of Student Affairs, HR, Communications and Management Support.

The members form a mixed group of people and represent all employees of the faculty. The academic staff members are involved in various networks and initiatives relating to diversity. The non-academic staff members act as advisors from the Faculty Office and have knowledge and expertise on working with diversity issues based on their functions and tasks.


  • Namrata de Leeuw (Policy officer Diversity), Management Support (secretary)
  • Else Speelman (HR advisor, has diversity in her portfolio), HR
  • Gianelle Vacca (coordinator POPcorner), Student affairs
  • Joost van der Sluijs (senior-advisor intern and extern communication), Communications
  • Maartje Janse (Lecturer (BrE), expertise in the field of history and slavery, member Diversity ThinkTank), History
  • Larissa Schulte Nordholt (PhD candidate, expertise in the field of decolonisation and Africa, member Diversity Think Tank), History
  • Limin Teh (Lecturer (BrE), expertise in the field of Chinese history and imperialism), LIAS – LUCSoR
  • Liesbeth Minnaard (Lecturer (BrE), expertise in the field of gender, ethnicity and intersectionality), LUCAS
  • Eduardo Alves Vieira (Lecturer (BrE), expertise related to diversity and Latin-America), LUCL
  • Ahab Bdaiwi (Lecturer (BrE), expertise in the field of Middle Eastern studies, involved in the network for international and bi-cultural employees), Philosophy
  • Simanique Moody (Lecturer (BrE), expertise in the field of Afro-American linguistics, involved in networks for ethnic minorities among students), BIAS/LUCL
  • Jed Wentz (Lecturer (BrE), studied in the US), ACPA
  • Job Westrate (Head of Educational Advice & Quality Assurance, department of Student Affairs)

Official secretary: Namrata de Leeuw, Department of Management Support.

E-mail: divers-inclusief@hum.leidenuniv.nl

Meeting dates 2019

  • 15 April
  • 6 May
  • 24 of 26 June


The Humities Diversity & Inclusiveness Sounding Board group is a permanent advisory committee of the Faculty Board, which can give advice on request and on its own initiative. If you wish to inform the committee of certain issues, please contact the secretary.

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