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Hiring temporary staff

If you need to hire temporary staff, there are various options ranging from temps to independent contractors and from temporary contracts to secondment. Always consult your HR adviser before hiring staff.

Temporary employment

If someone is temporarily appointed as a member of staff on the University payroll, he or she is considered to be an employee of the University. There are various forms of temporary employment.

  • Regular appointment
    A position for which the staff member is temporarily employed by the University.
  • PhD candidate
    A position with a clear goal (the PhD) for a specific period.
  • Student assistant
    A position for a student who is enrolled at a university. This cannot be a placement but must be for supporting activities for teaching and research.
  • Casual staff member
    A casual employee who works on occasion for the University at different times.

Does your hiring meet legal requirements? See points to note when hiring temporary staff.

Internal secondment

If you wish to temporarily transfer a University employee to your department, this is known as internal secondment.

External secondment

If you wish to transfer an employee of another university, educational establishment or public organisation to the University, this is known as external secondment. For more information and if you need to have an external secondment contract drawn up, contact your HR adviser.

The allowance that will be paid is stated in the secondment contract. In almost all cases, VAT will be charged on this allowance. Contact the controller of your unit to find out about possible VAT exemption.

Hiring staff through another organisation or company

If you hire an employee of another organisation (but not through a temp agency), you will need a contract with that company. When this is the case, you need to contact your HR adviser.

Temporary staff

Do you need temporary staff for regular work? The University preference is to hire temporary staff through its own temp agency, JobMotion. If you wish to hire staff through another temp agency, first contact your HR adviser.

Independent contractors

If you are currently employing someone without the intervention of a legal entity, you are employing a freelancer (zelfstandige zonder personeel, or ZZP, In Dutch). Since 1 May 2016, the hiring of freelancers has been subject to the Employment Relationships Deregulation Act (Wet DBA). Commissioning parties and contractors must use an assignment agreement.

To this end, the University has formulated various model agreements based on the agreements published by the Dutch Tax Authorities. These model agreements may not be modified. You can find them in the LEI hiring app LEI (add link to LEI hiring app). 
Before hiring someone, you should first establish the nature of your working relationship. You can use the LEI hiring app to help you to establish this by answering a series of questions and checking whether you meet the legal requirements. If it turns out that an assignment agreement is needed, the app will generate the right agreement.

Before hiring a freelancer, you should always consult your HR adviser


When using volunteers, make sure you use a volunteer contract if you pay them any allowances. The Tax and Customs Administration can check whether this has been done. There is a maximum allowance that can be paid to volunteers. Contact your HR adviser before using volunteers.


If you have any questions or need more information, contact your HR adviser.

Determining whether there is an employment relationship

Use the LEI Hiring App (App Inhuur LEI) to check whether your hiring meets the legal requirements.

To LEI Hiring App
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