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Recruitment process

Do you wish to appoint a new member of staff? You will find the relevant information at the Service Portal.


You appoint a new member of staff via the Service Portal, under 'Mijn personeelsmutaties'. This also applies to external staff, like guest employees, volunteers, trainees and PhD candidates with a scholarship.


Do you have any questions about salary scales or legal position? Please contact your HR adviser. For other questions, please contact the PSSC Service Point.

Do you want to appoint a new employee?

The P&O department of the Faculty of Humanities requires several documents and completed forms. In order to be able to arrange everything on time, the following documents must be in P&O’s possession four weeks before the date of employment:

Please inform the new employee about the Privacy notice Universiteit Leiden.

It is also important that the institute manager/department head sends the following online forms:

Want to appoint a foreign employee?

When appointing a foreign employee, there are a few additional matters that you need to take into account, given that a visa may need to be arranged.
You should therefore contact the P&O department at least 3 months in advance, preferably by e-mail. Indicate the following details of the future employee:

  • Name
  • Nationality
  • Date of birth
  • Copy of passport or ID of the new employee
  • Future position
  • Period of stay
  • E-mail address of foreign employee 

Based on this information, P&O can check which visas are required.
No visa is needed for people with passports from an EU country, EEA country of Switzerland.

The forms and documents required for arranging the new appointment are the same as the ones described under appointing a new employee. 

Want to appoint a guest employee?

A guest employee is not employed by the university and thus does not receive a salary. The P&O department needs several documents to register the guest employee and for creating a computer account, for example.
The procedure for guest employees from the Netherlands or abroad varies.

Dutch guest employee

For a Dutch guest employee, you should send the following documents to the P&O department at least four weeks before the appointment date:

Foreign guest employee
For a foreign guest employee, you must send the same forms and documents to P&O as in the case of a Dutch guest employee.
It is also important to assess whether the guest employee needs a visa. You should therefore send the following data to the P&O department at least three months in advance:

  • Name of guest employee
  • Nationality
  • Date of birth
  • Copy of passport or ID of the guest employee
  • Future position
  • Period of stay
  • E-mail address of foreign guest employee 

Based on this information, the P&O department determines whether a visa needs to be applied for. 

Registration of a grant/external PhD candidate

Grant or external PhD candidates are PhD candidates who are not employed, but who want to obtain a PhD at the faculty but are self-funded with their own resources or with a grant. They are registered by P&O for the results of the PhD project and to arrange any computer accounts. To do this, P&O needs the completed form Requesting registration of an external PhD candidate.

Applying for visas for foreign PhD candidates is arranged by The Graduate School Admissions Office (phd-admissions@hum.leidenuniv.nl or tel. 071-5274139, Ms. Saskia van der Velde).

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