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Exit survey

Since 2022, employees who leave the university have been asked to complete an exit survey. This survey asks the departing colleague about their reason for leaving, the things they appreciated about working at the university and the areas they think that the university could improve as an employer.

Why use an exit survey?

At Leiden University, we are interested to find out how our colleagues experience working in our organisation. In addition to the biennial personnel monitoring and evaluation during the ROG, leaving the university is a good opportunity for giving feedback, which can lead to new insights and suggestions for improvement.  
Before you leave, you will therefore be asked to complete a quick online exit survey (it will take just one minute of your time). If you would like to give information verbally, this is, of course, also possible; more information about this is provided in the survey.

What happens with the results?

The data collected are used to identify problems and opportunities that can be used as input for developing our personnel policy. The data from the survey contributes to making the university a more attractive employer and to retaining talented employees for the longer term.  

Is my privacy protected? 

The survey is strictly confidential. Reports are compiled on the condition that the data cannot be traced back to individual respondents. Comments provided in text fields are copied verbatim in the report, but it is never specified by whom. You will be informed of this when completing the survey. 


If you have any questions about the exit survey and/or the associated reports, contact Martijn Mark via m.d.mark@bb.leidenuniv.nl

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