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Personnel monitor

The University believes it is important to provide you with a satisfying work environment. How do you feel about your career opportunities, the interaction with your colleagues and supervisors, and the work facilities at your disposal? We ask for your opinion via the personnel monitor. This survey guarantees your anonymity. We use the survey results to take action and improve your job satisfaction.

The last survey dates from 2015. Many results were followed up at department level, but we also improved things and developed policy at faculty and University level. For example, the meeting structure of the faculty of Governance and Global Affairs was modified to promote internal communication and a training course was developed entitled ‘Supervision of PhD Candidates for thesis supervisors.

Give your opinion

You can complete the staff survey from 3 April until 20 April 2018. You will shortly receive an e-mail with a link to the questionnaire. A small group of staff members will receive the link by post.

The questionnaire includes questions about the following topics:

  • Your work
  • Working conditions and safety
  • Your career development
  • Your supervisor
  • Your immediate work environment

Answering the questions takes approximately 15 minutes. The survey also includes two open questions which you can use to indicate areas for improvement and positive points you see for the University. You may also skip some questions, or close the survey and come back to it later. The survey is easy to complete on a tablet or mobile telephone.

PhD Survey

PhD candidates who are employed by the University are also invited to complete a PhD survey with questions about the PhD track. You can give your opinion about the process, the supervision, and career perspectives, read the extra information for PhDs. Contract PhD candidates and external PhD candidates are only invited to complete the PhD survey. Answering the questions takes approximately 10 minutes.


Your anonymity as a respondent is 100% guaranteed. Results are reported per unit and never per individual. A unit consists of a minimum of 20 persons, at least ten of whom must have completed the survey. This guarantees that the answers cannot be traced to an individual.

The survey includes two open questions. Your answers to the open questions appear literally in the report at faculty or expertise centre level. We therefore ask you to not include any information that can be traced to a specific individual, or that is unnecessarily offensive or coarse.

The results are in. What now?

We expect the first results of the staff survey to be in by 15 May. Leiden University attaches great importance to the survey results. They allow us to organise things better or differently, or to remove obstacles. The results will be discussed with the staff within your faculty, institute or unit to address any bottlenecks. The results of the staff survey may also form the basis for an in-depth follow-up investigation.

New provider: Effectory

The Staff and PhD Surveys are carried out by Effectory. Effectory was also responsible for conducting staff satisfaction surveys for the University of Groningen, Wageningen University and Utrecht University.