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Frequently asked questions

You can suggest topics that need to be addressed in these FAQs. Please contact us at our usual email addresses and phone number(s).


[27 July] That differs per embassy. Some embassies and consulates are open or will reopen (in part). These had been closed in recent months due to the coronavirus. More information is available on the website netherlandsandyou.nl.

Some people can make an appointment to collect the mvv sooner than others. You will possibly have priority if you belong to one of the exception categories of the EU entry ban. For example if you are a family member of a Dutch citizen. Or if you have an essential function or need. Knowledge migrants and students are also given priority.

I have the nationality of Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, United States of America or South Korea. That is why I do not need an mvv (exemption).

[27 July] From 1 July 2020, you may enter the Netherlands again if you live in one of the countries to which the entry ban does not apply. Do you live in a country to which the entry ban does apply? Then you may only travel to the Netherlands if there is an exception for you. More information is available on https://ind.nl/en/pages/coronavirus.aspx

[27 July] From 1 July 2020, residents of these countries are allowed to travel to the Netherlands again:

Australia, Canada, Georgia, Japan, Morocco, New Zealand, Rwanda, South Korea, Thailand, Tunisia, Uruguay and China. Residents of China are only allowed to enter the Netherlands if China lets in EU citizens again.

For residents of these countries the normal conditions for entry and residence in the Netherlands apply. 

Please note that entry bans can change on a regular basis. This website is not daily updated. 
Most recent information is available on https://ind.nl/en/pages/coronavirus.aspx (section access to the Netherlands).

[updated 27 July] No, the IND is closed for these services until further notice. The IND will re-use your Biometrics if you are already in the IND database. SCIS will inform you when you can pick up your new residence card. This is due to the government's measures against the coronavirus.

SCIS can only make an appointment at an IND desk for Biometrics for internationals who need to collect their first regular residence document. The condition for this is that the international has travelled to the Netherlands with a Regular Provisional Residence Permit (mvv).

We will upload any formal letters from the IND to the document section under “Your registration”.  The “letter of acknowledgement” will offer you proof of legal residence in writing.

[updated 27 March]  There are two types of health insurance in the Netherlands: basic health insurance (in Dutch: basisverzekering) and private insurance (in Dutch: privéverzekering). There are rules governing which kind of insurance you will need. For more information, see Health Insurance.

Basic health insurance
Zorg and Zekerheid (Z&Z) is Leiden University’s preferred supplier of basic health insurance. Information on their coverage is likely to be the same as for other basic health insurers, but if you have a different insurer and are currently staying outside the Netherlands, it is wise to check the terms and conditions of your insurer.

Medical costs while in the Netherlands:
All medical costs insured in the basic health insurance are covered. You will have to pay an excess (in Dutch: eigen risico) of €385 yourself.

Medical costs while staying outside the Netherlands:
Your basic health insurer will pay medical costs up to the rate that applies in the Netherlands. If you are outside the Netherlands, you will have to pay the excess of €385 yourself.

If you have additional insurance (in Dutch: aanvullende verzekering) and your costs exceed the Dutch 100% rate, these will also be covered unless:

  • You are in an area that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has designated as a red zone in its colour-coded advice.
  • The travel advice from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for an area abroad where you are currently staying changes to red, but you do not return to the Netherlands.

In case of planned hospitalisation, always apply in advance to Zorg en Zekerheid or check the terms and conditions if you have a different insurer.

If you are on a business trip, medical costs that exceed the Dutch rate will be covered by the University’s travel insurance.

Private health insurance
AON Complete + is Leiden University’s preferred private health insurance supplier.

AON covers your actual medical costs regardless whether you are in the Netherlands or abroad. All your medical costs are fully covered. You do NOT have to pay an excess.

- If you have AON complete + Insurance and are already in an area that has been designated as a red or orange zone in the advice from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, your actual medical costs will be covered

If you are an international non-earning staff member and travel to an area that has been designated as a red or orange zone in the advice from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, your actual medical costs will not be covered.

If you are on a business trip, medical costs not covered by your health insurance are covered by the university's travel insurance.

Yes, it is still possible to register at Leiden and The Hague Municipality.

Please contact your supervisor about a suitable starting date in The Netherlands.

Workflow and Immigration Step by step

Workflow International Staff
Workflow International Staff

1. Digital Start

Your supervisor will get the ball rolling by submitting basic information about your contract or guest period at Leiden University. Once sent, the process will trigger all parties to do their tasks in getting you set up. This procedure will be followed for a first contract but also an extension of a contract or guest period.

2. ULCN Account

After your data enters the system you will receive an email requesting you to set up your ULCN account. You can use this ULCN account to log in to your computer, the wifi network, and various other ICT systems.

3. HR Portal

You will receive another email from the Personnel Shared Service Centre (PSSC, see 6b) requesting you to submit your personal data and documents (e.g. passport).

Sponsor for a visa or residence permit
If you are a NON-EU national, the system will automatically ask you if the University needs to act as your sponsor for a visa and or residence permit. If you already have a sponsor (e.g. you're residing with your partner) you can also indicate that to notify SCIS that no sponsorship help is required.

Changing employers
If you are changing employers, Leiden University will take over your sponsorship. Kindly make sure to upload the front and the back of any current residence card so we can assess your situation accordingly.

Not coming to the Netherlands
If you will reside in your country of origin, you will not need a residence permit for the Netherlands.

4. Your institute reviews the information

Your institute within the faculty will review the information that was submitted by you and your supervisor. Please note that this consists of several people giving their approval which may take some time.

5. The Service Centre International Staff (SCIS) assesses what you need

The Service Centre International Staff (SCIS) is next in line to assess what is needed for a NON-EU international to live and work in The Netherlands. If the starting date is too tight for processing a residence permit, SCIS will request that your institute alters the starting date. If all looks good we will send you an email and request that you log in to the SCIS web portal.

Screenshot SCIS web portal
SCIS web portal

6. The SCIS web portal guides you through various steps, you can contact the PSSC Service Point if necessary

  • The SCIS web portal will guide you (and your family members) through the various steps that are required to travel to, reside in, and work legally in The Netherlands. The application for the 30% facility (reducing your taxes) is also administrated through the SCIS portal. You can check the status of your application and also see who is your primary contact at SCIS.

    We also offer services to EU nationals. We will contact you to offer assistance and to invite you for an intake interview if you are interested.

    When you log on to our web portal you will be asked to submit personal data and documents for you and any family members travelling with you. Complete your personal data first and then upload the requested documents.

    In the document section you can click on the “i” to get more information about each document. Your SCIS officer will receive a system notification after you have uploaded all your required documents. Only then we will proceed with your application. Please bear in mind that since we automatically receive a system notification once everything is uploaded there’s no need to send us an email telling us that you have completed your uploads unless we have requested you to do so.
Screenshot extra information
Extra information
  • From time to time we will receive formal letters and communications about your application from the Dutch immigration authorities (IND) which we will upload to your documents section. You will be able to find them under “IND documents”.
Screenshot IND documents
IND Documents
  • You will be able to track the progress of your application as well as important dates concerning your immigration process. You will know exactly what to expect. If a step requires action on your part we will inform you by email.
  • The Personnel Shared Service Centre (PSSC) manages the University’s personnel administration. One of the facilities of the PSSC is the Service Point. You can contact the PSSC Service Point with any questions about staff regulations, working conditions, and personnel changes.

    The PSSC is also responsible for drawing up your employment contract or guest letter. Please allow two weeks of processing time. Once you have received your employment contract or guest letter please upload a signed copy to our SCIS portal at your earliest convenience. This is usually the last document needed before we can submit your application to the IND. Once again please do not email us that you have uploaded your final document since we automatically receive a system notification once it is uploaded.

    SCIS and PSSC are the two administrative departments taking care of your onboarding. SCIS will only take care of immigration and the 30% facility.

7. SCIS reviews all your data and documents

SCIS will review all your data and documents. If any document does not meet the requirements (for example, it is not properly legalised or translated by a sworn translator if it is not in English, German, or French) you will receive an email requesting you to take corrective actions. This will delay your application so please pay close attention to the document requirements. If all your documents meet the requirements we will send them to the IND.

8. The IND will now formally decide on your application.

Processing time IND first application
The IND advises that their processing time will take three months. In our experience, however, the average time for a positive decision after SCIS has submitted your complete application is three weeks.

IND processing time for residence permit extensions
An extension of a residence permit may take up to three months. As soon as SCIS has submitted the request for an extension you have legal residence in the Netherlands. However, please do not leave the country with an expired residence card unless you have a return sticker in your passport. If you need a return sticker, please call the IND (+31 88 0430430) to make an appointment.

9. We will notify you once your permit request has been approved

Once a permit request has been approved we will upload the formal IND letter (in Dutch) to the SCIS portal and notify you by email.

If you need a visa
If your nationality requires a visa (mvv) to enter the Netherlands (see this list for mvv exemptions) this is your cue to make an appointment at your nearest Dutch embassy (in a country where you have legal residence) to provide your biometrics and receive an MVV sticker to allow you to enter the Netherlands (some nationalities do not require this additional step). Depending on the embassy, you may receive an MVV sticker in your passport on the spot or you may have to return to the embassy to collect your passport with the MVV sticker.

If you don't need a visa (mvv)
If your nationality does not require an mvv, or after you have obtained your mvv, you can travel to the Netherlands with the intention of becoming a resident. Kindly submit your planned day of arrival in the SCIS so we can make required appointments for you (e.g. municipality registration).

90 days
A national with an mvv exemption can travel freely to the Netherlands as long as the stay does not exceed 90 days. If your intention is to exceed these 90 days we will apply for a residence permit prior to the departure from your country of residence and within 90 days after arrival the latest.

After arrival in the Netherlands you will have to give your biometrics to the Dutch Immigration (IND). SCIS will assist with the appointment for you and your family members. After your biometrics have been processed (this takes approximately two weeks) you will be able to collect your residence card.

Return ticket within 90 days
Please be advised that if you travel as a national under the mvv exemption the airline of your choice may not allow you to board the airplane without a return ticket within 90 days. In some cases the official IND letter granting a residence permit upon arrival made a difference. Please check the general conditions of your airline prior to departure.

Residence card

Once you have collected your residence card we kindly request you to upload the front and the back to our SCIS portal. With this card you can stay outside the Netherlands (e.g. fieldwork) for a maximum of 8 months out of every twelve months (family members 6 months out of twelve months).

Welcome to the Netherlands.

Residence Vida/Permit (following soon)

Health insurance (following soon)

Housing (following soon)

General (following soon)

Documents (following soon)

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