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Courses offered

The university encourages its employees to use and develop their talents. We do this by supporting you in your career and in your personal and professional development. We try to ensure that you get the opportunity to realise your full potential. That is why the university offers a wide range of training courses.

Training providers

The university’s training courses are provided by various internal providers:

  • Leiden University Libraries

    The library’s course are focused on working with the library systems and on processing and evaluating information for research.
  • HRM Learning and Development

    The courses offered by HRM Learning and Development are aimed at developing personal skills such as leadership, communication and personal effectiveness.
  • LLInC

    Courses offered by LLInC are aimed at teacher training.

    Courses offered by LURIS are focused on support when applying for external funding for research.
  • Academic Language Centre

    Courses offered by the Language Centre are centred around.

For instance, you can choose from courses ranging from personal effectiveness and instructor professionalisation to the grant application process and artistic training. Everything is focused on allowing employees to do their work with enthusiasm and energy and to have the feeling that they are utilising their capacities to the full, both now and in the future.

View the university’s wide range of training courses offered.

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