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If you would like to change jobs or organisational unit either inside or outside the university, Leiden University encourages such moves. A new workplace can give you inspiration and the opportunity to grow. Internal mobility leads to sustainable deployment and satisfied employees, and improves our organisation’s agility.

Orientation and exploration

Taking a new step in your career starts with good orientation: What do you want, what suits you best and what opportunities are available? Discuss your ideas with your supervisor in your performance and development interview. Maybe your personal development plan can be tailored to your ambitions. Your supervisor can help you.

Keep an eye on job openings

Look regularly at the university’s job openings site. New vacancies are posted every Tuesday. As an internal candidate you have priority, if you are equally qualified. For openings in the academic world you can turn to academictransfer.nl. Other relevant job sites are intermediair.nl and LinkedIn jobs.

Life-long learning

Your professional development is very important, especially if you want another job. Continuing education helps you expand your opportunities on the job market. The university offers a broad range of facilities for employees, including courses in instructor professionalisation, HRM courses and workshops in the job application process and networking.

Getting to know other departments

Do you work in HR, Finance or Communications and would you like to get to know another department? The university facilitates in-house internships for non-academic staff (OBP) in these departments. These internships are for short durations, from a couple of days to one month. Alex Vernooij can tell you more.

Career guidance

With career guidance we look at what options are available for you inside and outside Leiden University. There are various options, from an orientation interview with a career adviser to following a career path.

Internal mobility in administrative divisions

Policy agreements have been made to promote the internal mobility of staff members in the administrative divisions of HR, Finance, ICT, Communication, Legal Affairs, Teaching Administration and that of faculty policy staff and institute managers. These agreements relate to the recruitment, selection and mobility of this group of employees. This include things like putting together a selection committee, the mobility clause in the labour agreement and agreements concerning the in-house posting of openings for this target group.

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