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Mobility and career

Do you have particular skills that you would like to further develop at work? Or are you unsure whether you are still in the right place and do you fancy a change, but do you have no idea what you want to do or where to start?

If you would like to change jobs or organisational unit within the university, Leiden University encourages such moves. A new workplace can give you inspiration and the opportunity to grow. Internal mobility leads to sustainable employability, satisfied employees and the preservation of skills and improves our organisation’s agility.

On the Career Platform you will find useful tips and tools to explore your talents, weaknesses and energisers. Get to know yourself better in online tests, so you can explore your next steps. You will discover how to make the best choices for your development and job satisfaction. Get started straight away or check out the coaching options.

Continuing education helps you expand your opportunities on the job market. HRM Learning & Development offers various training opportunities, one of which is the Skills and motivation course. This course gives you more insight into your career possibilities so that you can create a clearer and stronger profile for yourself. Leiden University also offers personal effectiveness coaching. Here you learn to break certain thought and behaviour patterns that hinder you in your work and to get more energy and satisfaction out of your work. You can also take one or more of the following online training courses in the field of personal growth and development offered by New Heroes, which are free of charge.

You can log in to the New Heroes website using your own ULCN account, either at home or at work. All other training courses offered by New Heroes are also free of charge.

Regularly check the university’s job openings site. New vacancies are posted every Tuesday. As an internal candidate you have priority if you are equally qualified. For openings in the academic world, keep an eye on academictransfer.nl. Other relevant job sites are intermediair.nl and LinkedIn jobs.

Are you the supervisor of an employee who is ready to take the next step? The annual Performance and Development interview is the ideal moment to evaluate and discuss potential training courses or a desired career step. Remind your employee of the opportunities available to them for coaching, career guidance and training mentioned on this page.

Need help leading discussions about personal development? The New Heroes training course Help your team members excel is specially for supervisors. In this course you learn how to introduce personal development to your employees, initiate discussions and keep your employees active and engaged.

Policy agreements have been made to promote the internal mobility of staff members in the areas of HR, Finance, ICT, Communication, Legal Affairs, Teaching Administration, as well those of faculty policy staff and institute managers. These agreements relate to the recruitment, selection and mobility of this group of employees. This includes things like putting together a selection committee, the mobility clause in the labour agreement and agreements concerning the in-house posting of openings for this target group.

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