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Teacher development

Leiden University considers good education to be of paramount importance. That is why we invest in our teachers’ professional development, to ensure that their teaching methods continue to match the needs of individual students.

As a teacher, you have several ways to continue in qualifying yourself in teaching.


To ensure optimal quality of teaching and research, the University offers a Starter’s Course in Basic Didactic Skills, the University Teaching Qualification ( Basis Kwalificatie Onderwijs, BKO), and the Senior Teaching Qualification (Senior Kwalificatie Onderwijs, SKO).

To optimise our teachers’ didactic skills we offer the following programmes: 

  • University Teaching Qualification (BKO)

    The BKO is a mark of quality for university lecturers. This qualification is compulsory for all lecturers, university lecturers (UD), senior university lecturers (UHD) and professors employed by Leiden University for a period of one year and in a position representing at least 0.5 fte.

  • Senior Teaching Qualification (SKO)

    This qualification is intended for academic staff who wish to play a role in developing and modernising education. 


ICLON is the Leiden University Graduate School of Teaching and connects theory and practice of teaching through the application of academic knowledge to issues of classroom practice. ICLON can help you with research, education and support of educational processes:

  • Research

    ICLON is doing research on education. Research topics for which you can consult the Higher Education department include the interconnectedness of education and research, students’ academic success, online learning, the orientation and transition programme from pre-university to university education, quality assurance and innovative teaching methods.
  • Education

    ICLON has a wide range of training and coaching programmes to help you teach well. 
  • Support education processes

    ICLON also provides educational advice and develops innovative forms of teaching. Do you need help with creating a written examination or an evaluation? Or for would you like advice on how to improve your students’ academic success? Please contact ICLON for support.


Teachers can also further delve into the teaching profession via the Leiden University Teachers’ Academy: a network of twenty Teaching fellows, all researchers with a passion for teaching.

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