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The administration and management of an academic organisation impose ever higher requirements on leadership skills. Apart from steering academic processes, managers should also be skilful in attracting internal and external funding, recruiting top talent and forming partnerships at national and international level.

Personal Leadership (for academic staff)

A researcher’s duties extend beyond research and teaching to management, acquisition and funding. To prepare future professors for this broader set of tasks, we have developed a course on Personal Leadership. This course consists of four modules. Depending on the number of available places, you may be able to register for separate modules.

The modules are intended for university lecturers (UD) and senior university lecturers (UHD) with 5 to 10 years of experience after completion of their PhD, and Faculty of Science tenure track candidates.

Academic Leadership

The Academic Leadership course prepares professors and senior university lecturers for more extensive administrative duties within their institute or faculty. The course takes approximately six months. Participants are invited to take part by the Executive Board at the recommendation of the Faculty Dean.

This course combines theory and practice, with a focus on the participants’ personal experience. It is given by two experienced trainers who facilitate and monitor the learning process. A number of topics are also presented by internal experts, to ensure that the course closely matches the current state of affairs within our organisation.

Educational Leadership

The Educational Leadership course is offered in the context of the LDE alliance. It aims to help participants develop a broad and practice-oriented vision on teaching and educational innovation. The course is intended for staff members of Erasmus University Rotterdam, Delft University of Technology and Leiden University with a coordinating and/or managerial position in education. Participants are nominated by the Executive Board.

Participants are selected from among staff members responsible for a study programme or part of a study programme who steer the educational policy of a study programme while supervising their colleagues in their teaching and organisation-related activities. The course covers themes such as:

  • vision on education
  • assessment and testing policy
  • study performance
  • curriculum structure
  • didactic models
  • quality assurance and accreditation
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