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Overview of terms and conditions of employment

Leiden University offers its staff members an attractive package of benefits including a holiday allowance of 8% and a end-of-year bonus of 8.3%. Using the Individual Choices Model it is also possible to opt for personalised benefits. Here we have summarised the most important terms and conditions.


Salaries at Leiden University have been set nationally and are included in the Collective Labour Agreement for Dutch Universities. You have been assigned a salary scale based on the profile and level of your position. You can find your salary specifications and your annual statement in Self Service. More about salaries and salary payment data >>

Commuting allowance

Leiden University offers compensation for travel expenses between home and work. The compensation is calculated on the basis of a number of criteria. More about commuting allowance >>

Individual Choices Model

The Terms of Employment Individual Choices Model gives you some freedom to select your own employment terms and conditions. It essentially allows you to partially assemble your own terms and conditions package. Some choices must be made each year before a certain date. You can make nearly all choices using Self Service. More about the Individual Choices Model >>

Flexible working hours and annual agreements

The standard working week for full-time employment is 38 hours per week. You can deviate from this norm in consultation with your supervisor. For example, you could work 40 hours a week, accumulating extra compensation hours. Or, alternatively, you could give up vacation hours and work 36 hours a week. Academic staff and non-academic staff working in a faculty have the additional option of making yearly agreements. More about working hours and annual agreements >>

Vacation hours

With full-time employment a working week of 38 hours entitles you to 232 vacation hours per year. However, if you opt for flexible working hours, this amount could be either more or less. You can track your vacation hours using Self Service. When you have requested leave, your supervisor has to approve your request in Self Service. More about vacation >>

Ancillary activities

As an employee you are required to notify the university of any ancillary activities. Ancillary activities without the permission of the board of your faculty or division is not permitted. Ancillary activities include all paid and unpaid duties that you as a university employee carry out but not in the capacity of your job. These duties could take place either during or outside your working hours. More about reporting ancillary activities >>


Leiden University has its own childcare centre: ‘De Kattekop’. The 56 places in the centre are reserved for the children of staff and students. Children are accepted between the ages of 8 weeks and 4 years. More about De Kattekop >>

Accumulating a pension with ABP

If you start a new job at the university and receive a salary from the university, you will accumulate a pension with Algemeen Burgerlijk Pensioenfonds (ABP). More about your pension >>

Disability insurance

In the event of (partial) disability, many people experience a drop in income. To protect you from this, you can voluntarily take out a disability insurance with Loyalis for supplementary coverage. As an employee you pay a favourable premium. If you sign up within 6 months from the time your employment begins, you do not need to complete a medical statement. More about disability insurance >>

ANW shortfall insurance

Leiden University has concluded an agreement with elipsLife for a collective ANW shortfall insurance. This insurance provides financial security for your partner in the event of your death. The amount that you receive is not linked to your partner’s income or your family status. It is a fixed sum per year. You choose which sum you will receive when you take out the insurance. For more information about when you can take out this insurance and how you can apply, see the elipsLife site.

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