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Would you like to develop your discussion skills? We provide a variety of training resources for staff members and managers. The topics covered include making a connection, listening, giving feedback and reflection.

GROW training

There are in-person training courses on discussion techniques for staff members and managers:

GROW e-learnings

The most important elements of GROW are highlighted in ten 5-minute e-learnings, such as:

  • Giving and asking for feedback (with the 360 degree tool)
  • Importance of talking about well-being
  • GROW and Recognition & Rewards
  • Joint responsibility for the GROW interviews
  • From organisation goals to team goals

The e-learnings will become available on this web page in the course of summer 2024.

GROW discussion tools

In the updated Let's Connect toolkit you will find 40 practical tools to help you participate in discussions: How do I make a connection? How do I express my views? How do I exert influence?

More training courses

Among the regular training courses you will find even more courses and workshops that align with the GROW principles, such as the skills labs Use your strengths to communicate and Influencing without authority.

New Heroes also offers various e-learnings that you can use for your GROW interviews. For example, you can get to work with team culture, giving feedback, talking about stress, or giving and receiving compliments.

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