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GROW toolkit

The GROW toolkit provides you with all kinds of tools that make it easier to participate in the GROW interviews. In addition to useful documents for preparing the start interview and annual interview, it also contains a wide range of training courses and workshops that help you with participating in discussions.

Contents of the GROW toolkit

A variety of training courses, workshops, e-learnings, online courses and tools are available for developing discussion skills. These training resources are open to both staff members and managers, and the topics covered include making a connection, listening, giving feedback and reflection.

If any aspects of GROW aren’t completely clear to you, please consult the GROW regulations, which set down the most important arrangements.

Documents are available for supervisors and employees to help with preparing for the start interview and the annual interview. They provide an explanation of what you can do, as either an employee or supervisor, to initiate and prepare for an interview. They also explain the structure of an interview, describe the follow-up and give other useful tips.

For employees

For supervisors

The feedback form helps you to obtain feedback in preparation for your interview. You can use it to ask your colleagues how well they think you do your job and how they feel about working with you.

In July 2024 a discussion tool will become available to assist you with talking about well-being. This tool is centred on the Positive Health model. In preparation for your GROW interview, you can fill in this model to visualise what's happening and what’s important. The conversation about this gives insight into possible solutions. You don’t need to use the whole model, and can select just one dimension from the model for discussion.

GROW is also about our personal leadership; this is essential for our university as an open and learning organisation. Everyone works with others to achieve results, as members of a team or group, for example. Personal leadership is therefore necessary for everyone, and not just managers.

Leadership is not only an essential quality for self-reflection and talent development, but is also needed in order to understand one another. By giving and receiving constructive feedback and supporting one another, we can work together on the basis of trust and equality.

The leadership competences will help you to look at your personal development when preparing for a GROW interview. The cards give you insight into your talents and challenges, and offer concrete examples of the behaviour associated with the competences. Look at the self-start or watch the animation about leadership for more information.

You can use the online form (to be found in the GROW tile that will be available in the Service Portal from 1 September) to start working on your GROW report. The Quick Start for the GROW report contains the most important functionalities of the online form. It explains what the various buttons and symbols mean and how to share the report with your manager or staff member.

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