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Academic integrity

The confidential counsellor for academic integrity is your first port of call for any questions or situations relating to academic integrity, or if you have suspicions about a current or former employee of Leiden University. All your meetings with the confidential counsellor are confidential.

Frits Koning

Confidential counsellor for academic integrity/LUMC

Frits Koning

“It can be intimidating to take your problem to someone you don’t know, but we don’t bite!”

Koning is a Professor of Immunology and is available to support all staff members of the university and staff members in the Faculty of Medicine/LUMC. He is also the confidential counsellor for doctoral candidates within that faculty.

Get in touch with Frits Koning via f.koning@lumc.nl or 071 526 6673.

Jan van Ruitenbeek

Confidential counsellor for academic integrity/Science

Jan van Ruitenbeek

“Academic integrity is crucial for the scientific world to work successfully. You are always welcome to discuss issues, even if you are in doubt about whether your problem is important enough.”

Academic integrity is essential for the world of academia to function properly. When the principles of academic integrity are violated, then not only the quality but also the reliability of academia is jeopardised. That can lead to direct harm, for instance to patients or the research environment, and it can damage public trust in academia and the trust between academics themselves.

Violations of academic integrity

Since 1 October 2018, Dutch universities have been required to comply with the Dutch Code of Conduct on Academic Integrity. All academic staff must follow this code of conduct. Academic integrity is violated when the code of conduct is broken, for instance through:

  • Falsification and deliberately misleading interpretation of research results,
  • Deliberately misleading use of (statistical) methods,
  • Plagiarism of publications,
  • Omitting or failing to recognise co-authors, or the unjustifiable addition of someone as (co-)author,
  • Not amending errors following justified criticism, and covering up colleagues’ misconduct.

More information

You can find more about what a confidential advisor does and does not do, confidentiality and options for appeal and objection on the page Confidential Counsellors.

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