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Transition payment

If your employment ends, you may be eligible for a transition payment. You could use this allowance for education or training, or to make your transition to your next job smoother. Do you qualify for a transition allowance?

Amount of the payment

The amount of the transition payment is determined by your monthly salary and the number of years you have worked for the university. Per worked year you accrue one third of your monthly salary. The rest of your working time you accrue proportionally. You can find more information about the amount of the payment and a calculator (Dutch only) on the government’s website (Dutch only).

The maximum amount of the payment is €86,000 gross. If your annual salary is higher than €86,000, the maximum amount of your payment is equal to one year’s gross salary. The amount of the payment will be determined definitively and paid at the end of your period of employment.

Am I eligible?

The transition payment is available to both permanent and temporary employees. You may be eligible for a transition payment if you meet the following condition:

  • You were involuntarily dismissed: it was the university that took the initiative for ending your permanent contract or not renewing your temporary contract. 

Why might I not be eligible?

You do not have the right to a transition payment in the following cases:

  • You resigned from your job on your own initiative.
  • You were offered the opportunity to renew your contract before it ended, but you did not take up this offer.
  • You began a new employment contract at the university before the end of your previous contract. The new contract does not begin immediately after your current contract ends, but it does begin within six months.
  • Your contract is ending because or after you reached pension age.
  • You have been dismissed as a result of seriously culpable conduct or negligence.
  • Your contract is ending by mutual agreement.
  • You are eligible for subsequent BWNU benefits and your contract is ending for business economic reasons.

Transition payment and subsequent BWNU benefits

If you are eligible for subsequent BWNU benefits and your contract is ending for business economic reasons, you are not eligible for a transition payment. If you have waived your right to subsequent BWNU benefits in writing prior to dismissal, you do have the right to receive a transition payment. Your HR adviser can give you more information about this decision.

Transition payment with part-time dismissal

Do you have to work less because of a part-time dismissal? Then in principle you are not entitled to a transition payment. You may be entitled to a partial transition payment in case of work disability or if there are economic circumstances. Your HR adviser can inform you further.

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