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When your contract with Leiden University ends, you may be entitled to unemployment benefits under the Unemployment Act (Werkloosheidswet, WW). You may also be eligible for supplementary unemployment benefits (Bovenwettelijke werkloosheidsuitkering, BWNU).

Finding a new job

Applying for unemployment benefits (WW)

If you are temporarily partially or fully unemployed you can apply for unemployment benefits (WW) via the UWV. You must meet a number of conditions in order to be eligible. To find out more about these conditions, please consult the Unemployment Benefits and Career Transition in the Public and Education Sector brochure. Unemployment benefits (WW) are awarded for a minimum of three months. The length of your unemployment benefits depends on your employment history.

The UWV advises you to apply for unemployment benefits (WW) one week before your last working day. Make sure you apply for the benefits no later than one week after your last working day, otherwise you may receive lower benefits for a while. See werk.nl to find out how to apply for unemployment benefits (WW).

Applying for supplemental unemployment benefits (BWNU)

If you are entitled to unemployment benefits, you may also be entitled to supplemental benefits under the BWNU Act. You can apply for supplemental benefits (BWNU) at Visma Idella within seven days after the start of your unemployment period. For more information on the amount and duration of these benefits, please consult the brochure entitled Unemployment Benefits and Career Transition in the Public and Education Sector.

Your duties

From the moment you apply for WW or BWNU unemployment benefits, you have to meet a number of requirements:

  • Best effort requirement

    You have to do everything in your power to find a new job. In addition, you have to accept matching and after six months generally acceptable work.
  • Job search requirement

    You have to send out at least one job application a week. To this end you are required to use the workbook on the UWV site. We advise you to keep all your job application letters and other documents in case you are subjected to a check by the UWV or Visma Idella.
  • Information requirement

    If something changes in your personal situation, you have to inform the UWV and/or Visma Idella. Changes include moving house, holidays, pregnancy, and of course the fact that you have found a new job.

The duties of the University

Leiden University, too, must make an effort to support you in finding a new job. For example by offering guidance, training and retraining. Or by pointing out vacancies within the University.

More information

If you have any questions about your current or upcoming unemployment and reintegration, please contact your HR adviser.

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