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ICT-contact persons

For each university unit, the ICT Shared Service Centre (ISSC) has an appointed ICT contact person responsible for applying for ICT facilities for research, teaching and operational management.

Faculty or unit Name
African Studies Centre Jos Damen
Archol Walter Laan
Administration and Central Services Marianne van Velthuijsen or
Patrick Klaassen
Real Estate Directorate Ruud Boom or
Richard Vermeulen
Faculty of Archaeology Wouter Kool
Faculty of Humanities Betty de Jonge or
Marjana Rhebergen or
Rob Goedemans
Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs Mark van Leeuwen
Faculty of Law Gijs Zebregts
Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences Patris Boxel or Raymond van Erkel
CWTS - Centrum voor Wetenschap en Technologische Studies  Nees Jan van Eck or Patrick Kooij
Faculty of Science (W&N) Johan Detollenaere
W&N - IIBL Institute of Biology Leiden Peter Snelderwaard 
W&N - CML Centre of Environmental Sciences Leiden Paul de Hoog
W&N - LACDR Leiden Academic Center for Drug Research Jos van Geel
W&N - LIACS Leiden Instituut of Advanced Computer Science Eline Huisjes or Abdel El Boujadayni
W&N - LIC Leiden Institute of Chemistry Lian Tieleman
W&N - LION Leiden Institute of Physics Erik Deul
W&N - Lorentz Center Anna Tudos
W&N - Mathematical Institute Maarten Kampert
W&N - Leiden Observatory Erik Deul
HOVO Higher Education for Senior Citizens (HOVO) Frank Imthorn
Hortus Botanicus Gerda van Uffelen
ICT Shared Service Centre Hans van Eck
ICLON Karel Roos
IIAS International Institute for Asian Studies Amparo de Vogel-Nieuwveen or
Willem Vogelsang
Institute for Dutch Lexicology Jan Theo Bakker
Jobmotion Renee Verdegaal
KITLV (Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies) Ellen Sitinjak
Naturalis Marc de Hart
NINO The Netherlands Institute for the Near East Carolien van Zoest
NVIC Netherlands-Flemish Institute in Cairo Rudolf de Jong or
Tilly Mulder
PLATO (Platform Opleiding, Onderwijs en Organisatie B.V) Thea Koreman-v.d. Ven
Student and Educational Affairs Frank Imthorn
Studium Generale Frank Imthorn
Leiden University Library (UBL) Hugo de Krijger
General Services Department (UFB) Rogier de Bruin
University Sports Centre Victor Rodriguez van Haaren
Visitor Centre Frank Imthorn


In addition to the contact persons listed under the ‘general’ tab, you can also contact the Faculty helpdesk for support in functional issues. If you have a question about Word or Outlook or if you wish to know whether we have specific software for a task you wish to perform, please submit your question to IFZ. See below for contact information.

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