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Do you want to install software yourself at your workplace? Or would you link to sync your work email with your smartphone? On this page you will find all our ICT workplace manuals.

All manuals are sorted by theme:

Wifi - eduroam
All devices Automatic connection
iPhone or iPad Automatic or manual connection
Android phone or tablet Automatic or manual connection
Macbook or iMac Automatic or manual connection
Windows PC Automatic or manual connection
Linux Automatic or manual connection
iOS, Android, Windows 10 Synchronising mail and calendar on mobile or tablet
Windows Setting up Outlook on your PC
Windows Adding a shared mailbox
Windows Auto-archive mail in Outlook
Windows Recovering mail
Apple Mac Setting up Outlook on your Mac
Apple Mac Setting up Apple mail for work mail
Apple Mac Archiving Outlook mail
Linux Setting up Thunderbird for work mail
  Delete or wipe device via webmail
  Setting up out of office via webmail
  Synchronising uMail on your device
Apple Mac Printing on a Mac
Mobile working and working from home
  Setting up Remote Desktop app
Windows Using remote workplace
Windows Solving Remote workplace problems
Windows Using Remote Desktop
Apple Mac Using Remote workplace
Apple Mac Using Remote Desktop
Linux LTS Linux Terminal Server
Linux Setting up SSH gateway
Software and language settings
Windows Installing additional software
Windows Setting up language on a workplace
Windows Installing fonts on a workplace
Apple Mac Installing additional software
Office User manual templates for letters, fax and memo
Data storage
  Sending files with Surf Filesender
  Recover deleted files
  Logging on and off on a desktop phone
USB drive encryption
Windows USB drive encryption
Apple Mac USB drive encryption
Linux USB drive encryption
  Setting up Single user computing power 
Linux workplace
Linux Changing file associations
  SAP manual
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